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Home Fitness Set: Abdominal Wheel Roller, Push-Up Bar, and Jump Rope

Home Fitness Set: Abdominal Wheel Roller, Push-Up Bar, and Jump Rope

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Transform any space into your personal fitness hub with our versatile 4-in-1 Home Workout Equipment Kit. This comprehensive set includes an adjustable jump rope, push-up bar, AB Roller Kit with Knee Pad, and more—allowing you to maximize your workouts without the need for expensive gym memberships. Save both time and money while building strength and enhancing muscle tone in the comfort of your home, hotel room, or even outdoors.

Key Features:

  • Complete Fitness Set: Our kit contains everything you need for a full-body workout, eliminating the need to purchase additional equipment.
  • Stable AB Roller: Equipped with a long handle pipe covered in anti-slip foam, our AB roller provides increased stability for safer, more effective exercises.
  • Enhanced Push-Up Support: The ergonomically sloping push-up bar offers easy assembly and disassembly, secure grips, and excellent stability, while also protecting your knees with a soft knee pad during intense rolling sessions.
  • Versatile and Accessible: Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced exerciser, this gym-grade kit is designed to cater to all fitness levels, supporting a wide range of exercises and fitness goals.

Stay fit and active wherever you are with this all-in-one solution that brings the gym to you, ensuring a convenient and comprehensive approach to health and fitness.

Material: Steel + PU
Qty: 4pcs/kit
Weight: 1400g / 3.09lb
Package size: 260 * 150 * 180mm / 10.2 * 5.9 * 7.1in
Package weight: 1500g / 3.31lb

Package List:
1 * AB Wheel Roller
1 * Push-up Bar
1 * Jump Rope
1 * Knee Pad
1 * Oxford Cloth Bag          

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  • Josephine T.

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